At “The school of self-healing” in Denmark I learned how an object with the inverse frequency can unluck a negative feeling and the associated negative belief.

A physical object that looks like the feeling, will have the inverse frequency of that feeling.

  • Stones unlocks fear.

  • Salt unlocks insecurity.

  • Johannesbread unlocks feeling lesser/more.

  • MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) and a picture of an iceberg – unfreezes the feelings in the iceberg.

  • An eraser of rubber, erases vulnerability.

  • A toy T-Rex unlocks old anger and vulnerability.

  • Liquorice root unlocks the desire that drives a negative feeling, thought, belief or action.

  • Metal unlocks hardness.

  • Toys about transport helps when something inside is going too fast

Any feeling can be unlocked

Toys are great tools for healing

Toys that are created for and from emotional needs are great because the speak directly to our feelings and unlock unhealthy ways of covering our needs or help us realize better ways of covering our needs.

Toys that are models of large size real objects are of cause very helpful in treatment as well, as we are not likely to sit comfortable with something like a real tractor on your lap, don’t you think?

Straight forward and complex

Using objects to let go of negative feelings is in a sense straight forward and at the same time complex.

It is simple because you can just put an object in your pocket and it will unlock the negative feeling bit by bit, and you just must remember to use a lighter to burn around the object, so that the absorbed energy stays in the object and does not just go back to you when you put the object away.

And it is complex because having something in your pocket will help some, but in many situations the object must be placed on the right place on the body to really have an effect and for this you need to know where. Also, it often requires a combination of objects to let go of a problem as many problems is composed of several negative feelings and beliefs.

Be aware that if you use something eatable, do not eat it, because then you are consuming whatever you just let go of.

If you think it is interesting to use objects you can just use whatever comes into your thoughts or use what you see in your dreams. Even drawings, colours and words can unlock.

The knowledge that has been generated at “The School of self-healing” is very extensive, but they have only produced one book about this from of self-healing and it is called “Nøgle til åbenhed”, that translates to “Key to openness”.

At this clinic I have witnessed many people being helped to heal all sorts of diseases or unwanted mental states. I once sat beside a mand that got his hearing back in his left hear after about 30 minutes of treatment, and he had been death on that ear for 9 years or so. I still remember how overwhelmed he was.

Remember – always

When you use things for treatment the energy that is unlocked is stored in these things and to release the energy, use a lighter to burn around the object, else some of the energy will just pop right back in your body.

Except for living plants, just put them back.

Burn around
Burn around

Never eat it

If you use something eatable, burn around it and then use it later or though it out. If you eat it, you will be eating the problem that you just let go of.